Listen to the latest Conversations With the Loneliness Coach, Nathan Todd, Podcast with the episode How To Overcome Executive Loneliness with Nick Jonsson.

During this Conversation With The Loneliness Coach you’ll hear from Nick Jonsson. Nick Jonsson is the co-founder and Managing Director of one of Asia’s premiere networking organizations, Executives’ Global Network (EGN) Singapore — a confidential peer group network providing more than 600 senior executives and business owners a safe haven to share their challenges, receive support, and learn from each other.

His passion for mental health awareness through his life experiences paved the way for Nick to author his first #1 international bestselling book, published in April 2021—”Executive Loneliness: The 5 Pathways to Overcoming Isolation, Stress, Anxiety and Depression in the Modern Business World”.

Nick has worked across Asia, Australia and Europe representing major international firms, and is active in charitable and fundraising organizations to give back and support his local community, along with volunteering and fundraising for the Samaritans (SOS) – a suicide prevention hotline in Singapore.

During this interview you’ll hear about:  A Universal Truth about Human Connection Forgiveness  Gratitude  and More

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