Business Owners/SME, 2 Meeting: Founder Wellness

EGN Business Owners/SME, Singapore 2 Peer Group Meeting: “Founder Wellness

Date: Wednesday 6th, July 2022.
Time: Registration at 8am. Meeting starts at 8.30am – 12pm.

Founder Wellness

Founders are often their own worst enemies when I comes to being able to look at themselves and recognise they are pushing themselves towards burn out. Wellness is a growing recognised need in all businesses, in fact post Covid 19 many companies are shifting their focus to enhancing their wellness packages and their offerings to their staff. However, founders still forget they are a staff member too, and their wellness is equally important.

Key points
1. About 8% of start-ups fail due to founder burnout.
2. Founders are twice as likely to suffer from depression and three times more likely to succumb to drug abuse.
3. Three key ways to maintain mental wellness:
– Exercise: Do a minimum of 20 minutes of gentle exercise per day.
– Sleep: Get at least seven hours of sleep each night.
– Nutrition: Eat nutritious food, regularly – there is a strong link between gut health and mental health.

This meeting is focussed on reviewing the key tools, ideas and strategies that you can use to also look after yourself, and not just your people in the workplace. Founders need to be shown it is not only ok, but the right thing to also look after themselves.

In this meeting members will have the opportunity to hear from an expert in the field who works with individuals to achieve successful and meaningful change that allows founders to find an opportunity to look at their wellness and address any issues. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and really get a good idea of the initiatives and tools that you can use in your business to help drive further success.

At the end of the session, you will take away some new insights, ideas and actions to take back into your business. If you have any questions or thoughts about how we can make this session even more impactful, please feel free to contact me.

08.00: Registration
08.30: Welcome – Update on EGN, group development and new members
09.00: Host Presentation -TBA- Note this presentation will include breakout sessions
10:00: Break
10.30: Part 2: Member Sharing session – Note this will include breakout sessions
11.30: Feedback and input for the next meetings
12.00: Meeting close

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