Business Owners/SME, Singapore 1 Meeting

EGN Business Owners/SME, Singapore 1 Peer Group Meeting: Lead Generation Shortcuts, Tools and Tricks to Running a Small Business

Date and Time: Wednesday 28th September 2022, at 8am-12pm.

Lead Generation Shortcuts, Tools and Tricks to Running a Small Business
We have been through 2 years of rapid change and adaptation in our businesses and we have survived to tell the tales (Well Done!!!). As we close the third quarter of 2022 it is time for us to reflect on our businesses and make sure we know where we are going for 2022. This means re-focussing on how we retain and grow our customer base. It is easy as a business owner to get caught up in the everyday and forget that our customers, current and future need our attention in more ways that just generating the next invoice. If we take our eye off of this for too long we start to see our businesses suffer and revenue decline.

This session will focus on key ideas and habits to ensure you can have tools available to continually add to your customer retention and growth strategies, and keep growing your revenue. This will be a very interactive session, with Glen McFarlane.

I expect that at the end of the session, you will take away some new insights and have some ideas and actions to take back into your business. If you have any questions or thoughts about how we can make this session even more impactful, please feel free to contact me.

08.00 AM: Registration and temperature screening at venue
08.30 AM: Welcome – Update on EGN, group development and new members
09.00 AM: Part 1: Glen McFarlane
10:00 AM: Break
10.30 AM: Part 2: Member Sharing session- Note this will include breakout sessions
11.30 AM: Feedback and input for the next meetings
12.00 PM: Meeting close

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