Driving Customer centricity in your organization

EGN invites you to join EGN Cross Functional In-Person Event: Driving Customer centricity in your organization by AJ Boelens

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 13th 2022. Registration at 4pm. Event starts at 4.30pm – 6.30pm.

Driving Customer centricity in your organization by AJ Boelens 

Every company wants to be more customer centric, but they often don’t know how. The trap many well-established companies face is being so internally focused on efficiency, at they lose track of how to most effectively create value for their customers.  Conventional strategy development is poor in uncovering customer value, is focused on the past and current environment vs the future, and is often a mishmash of data collected from various stakeholders and consolidated in data heavy and hard to communicate document.  It also assumes that most of the rules for competitive engagement are the same, and so ‘out operating’ your competitors is the path to success.

Our speaker has hands on experience implementing customer-centric strategy and innovation, both internally and as a consultant, at several well-known European companies.  He would like to trigger a new perspective when it comes to strategy development and share some practical frameworks that the audience can use to become more customer centric.

About the Speaker: AJ Boelens

AJ helps large organizations better orient their strategy and innovation towards customers.  He is passionate customer-centricity and is fully aware of how difficult this can be in large, matrixed, traditional companies which are often very product-push oriented.  AJ has worked with clients across various industries (financial services, manufacturing, media, healthcare, chemicals, automotive, to name a few) to build strategies and capabilities that drive customer-centric, design lead and agile innovation.

His past experience includes Heading Strategy and Innovation at The Economist Group, Marketing and Innovation consulting at BASF and Learning and Development at Siemens Healthcare.

AJ hails from Toronto, Canada and has been living and working across Asia for the past 19 years. He holds an MBA from HKUST Business School and is a Certified Advisory Board Chair.

04.00 PM: Registration
04.30 PM: Event starts. EGN introductions and speaker introductions
04.40 PM: Topic of the day
06.00 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
06.30 PM: Meeting end

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