Integrating Planning and Execution Processes in Supply Chains

EGN Singapore invites you to join EGN Supply Chain Leaders, Singapore 1 Peer Group Meeting: Integrating Planning and Execution Processes in Supply Chains – Stories from a few leaders.

Date and Time: Friday, May 27th, 2022, 8am – 12pm.

Integrating Planning and Execution Processes in Supply Chains – Stories from a few leaders

Following up from the discussion we had on Supply Chain Risk and Resilience in our April 22nd meeting, we will now deep dive into a capability area that is critical towards identifying risks and developing resilience – Integrating Planning and Execution processes in today’s complex and high variability supply chains.

We will do a panel discussion on this topic to get perspectives from different angles – the need for changing cultural and silo mindset, the need for putting in place robust processes, and how current digital technologies can help. The panel will comprise of fellow members and external speakers.

We will also have a member challenge session in a group discussion mode.

08.00 AM: Registration and temperature screening at venue
08.30 AM: Welcome – Update on EGN, group development and new members
08.45 AM: Panel Discussion
09.45 AM: Break
10.15 AM: Cont. Member views and Q&A on the topic
10.30 AM: Member Challenge Question
10.45 AM: Sharing session on suggestions and specific challenges each member is facing in the area of the challenge topic
11.45 AM: Feedback and input for the next meetings
12.00 PM: Meeting Close

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