Key Financial Tips SME’s Marketing Funnels & lead Generation

EGN invites you to join EGN Business Owner/SME 1 Peer Group Meeting: Key Financial Tips for SME’s Marketing Funnels and lead Generation

Date and Time: Wednesday 27th July 2022, at 8am-12pm.

Key Financial Tips for SME’s Marketing Funnels and lead Generation

Financial modelling is often forgotten in the midst of getting money in the door. However, setting this up properly from the beginning can have massive positive impacts on your business. Unfortunately, knowing where to start, and what to target first, holds many business owners back, as they quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer choice and range of options. So even though all business owners know the value of a good financial approach and cash flow, it often gets left until it is absolutely necessary to really review this area and make sure it is really right for the business. Often losing years of potential cost and time savings…..the current global pandemic has highlighted this for so many businesses.

In this meeting Jeremy Gray, will look at the just what can be done to help business owners succeed, and how you can tailor best practice to your business to drive success, through cost and time savings, and possible process changes, optimisations, and reviewing how you are managing this key area. Jeremy is an experienced CFO who has lived in Europe, North America and Asia, with a career split between finance and general management. Managing divisions of over US$100M and 300+ employees, and transformed failing business in Korea, Japan and USA, started green field operations in Germany and completed acquisitions in Japan, USA, China and Australia. Jeremy now uses his experience to help entrepreneurs and start-up businesses succeed.

Now more than ever it is crucial to allow a business to obtain all possible advantages, and best practice financial systems and approaches are one we can all achieve in different ways. Finding the time to get this right is something all business owners should do, and preferably the sooner the better, as the world is moving quickly and we need to be able to keep up! Join us to be given a great range of tools and ideas to effectively establish this in your business.

After the presentation we will have time for Q&A into the key needs for your business and what can be achieved, to ensure you can take away as much as possible to support your business. This will be highly interactive, and I urge you to consider the key questions you would like to ask in advance and  send them to me for addition, so they can be easily answered during, or at the end of the presentation.

08.00 AM: Registration and temperature screening at venue
08.30 AM: Welcome – Update on EGN, group development and new members
09.00 AM: Part 1: Host Presentation
10:00 AM: Break
10.30 AM: Part 2: Member Sharing session- Note this will include breakout sessions
11.30 AM: Feedback and input for the next meetings
12.00 AM: Meeting close

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