Women’s Executive Leadership 1 Peer Group Meeting: Marketplace of challenges

EGN invites you to join EGN Women’s Executive Leadership 1 Peer Group Meeting: Marketplace of challenges

Date and Time:
May 20th at 13.30-17.30. Registration and networking start at 13.30, meeting start at 14.00

Topic of the Day: Marketplace Of Challenges

During our last meeting, we collected your challenges. Some people had similar challenges, and there are also experts in the room on many of these topics.

To cover as many challenges as possible, we will assign you to a group that discusses these challenges in depth, and presents 3 tips to the rest of the group at the end of the day.
Participants who are signing up are requested to indicate their interests in the topic to Mette, the group chair, for pre-arranging groups with mutual interest.

The challenges include:
– Success factors in mentorship.
– Attracting talent to work for you.
– Incorporating ESG in business strategy.
– Promoting employee wellness within your organisation.
– How do we take our career development into our own hands?
– Diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace – what are factors for success?
– Intersectionality and Ageism: older hires vs Gen Z Hiring and Women’s Issues- Parenting, Menopause.
– Male-driven teams vs women-exclusive teams – optimizing working environments and office culture.

You may also submit your own challenge to the chair!

We aim to use the vast experience of team members to find solutions for our biggest workplace challenges.

13:30 PM: Registration & Networking
14:00 PM: Introductions
14.20 PM: Topic of the day: Marketplace of challenges
15.30 PM: Tea, Coffee Break and Networking
15:50 PM: Ctd topic of the day
17:00 PM: Topic of the day: next steps
17:30 PM: Meeting ends

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