Your challenges: Bring your challenges and get peer feedback

EGN invites you to join EGN Executive Leadership, Singapore 1 Peer Group Meeting: Your Challenges: bring your challenges and get peer feedback

Date/Time: Friday, October 14th, 2022 at 13.30pm – 17.30pm.

Your Challenges: bring your challenges and get peer feedback

Previously called “challenge” and “hot seat” – bring along a challenge you face at the workplace, and get a group of peers to get closer to a solution.

Submit your leadership challenges to Mette Johansson, your Chair, prior to the meeting to get your peers’ insights into how to tackle your specific challenges. We are looking at discussing at least two different challenges, which will be prepared in collaboration with your chair before the meeting.

What is a typical challenge?
Have you assigned a project to a team member and would like a different perspective? Are you considering hiring a consultant, whether strategy consultants, HR consultants, branding consultants or more? Is there a professional issue that keeps you awake at night?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, you have what we define as a “challenge” to which I am sure the peer group can give you further input. Please send me a message so that we can include your challenge during the next meeting.

Join us to share your best insights and learn from your peers.
Please let Mette Johansson, your chair, know if you would like your peers input on one of your current challenges.

13.30 PM: Networking
14.00 PM: Welcome – Update on EGN, group development and new members
14.20 PM: Topic of the day: Your Challenges: bring your challenges and get peer feedback
15.40 PM: Break
16.00 PM: Your Challenges: bring your challenges and get peer feedback
17.30 PM: Meeting closes

About EGN Singapore
As a business networking organization, our main value proposition is in the creation of authentic business relationships via networking events and peer group meetings. The business successes garnered from the networking opportunities created have been invaluable to our more than 600+ members across Singapore

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