EGN Singapore is looking for additional freelance Chairs – is that you?

You leave the meeting room with a sure feeling that the meeting created value for the participants. The discussions were at a high level, relevant knowledge was shared, and professional views were brought to the table. And the commitment to the space is exactly what makes you look forward to the next meeting.

Facilitate knowledge sharing

As a Chair, your most important task is to create space for professionals within a confidential peer group to share knowledge and create relationships, both within formal meetings and in between them. While you have substantial experience and executive presence, you facilitate dialogue and design member interactions that harnesses the incredible expertise already in the room.

To assist you in your role we have an assistant who will help you with various administrative tasks to allow you to focus on what you do best, design and facilitate engaging peer group activities and meetings.

Qualifications and competencies

  • Responsible for the leadership and growth of your designated peer group
  • Establish a vibrant and diverse group DNA and ensure the highest standards of professional trust and respect within the group
  • Listen to members and design 6 peer group meetings per year (4 hours each) that address their key interests
  • Connect with each member on a personal level through face-to-face coffee catch ups, or over calls/Zoom, to ensure members feel connected and engaged
  • Understand the unique challenges of each member and think of ways their needs can be addressed in a ‘Hot seat’ session where peers can provide thoughts on their challenge
  • When appropriate, find suitable presenters to contribute their expertise in a peer meeting as a guest speaker

We offer

The job is aimed at those of you who have the passion and find it fun to stand in the middle, facilitate processes and make the conversation flow. You have the professionalism to ask the critical questions when necessary, but at the same time you manage to stay in the background and let the members’ knowledge come into play.

You are motivated by creating space for human development and benefits through the network – and can both spot the quiet type in the corner and at the same time make room for the louder one in the front row. You are proactive and can motivate yourself, just as you are detail-oriented and thrive on administrative tasks, structure, and deadlines.

To succeed in the role, you have relevant experience in facilitation as well as the subject area depending on the kind of peer group you will lead.

Apply now

  • You get an independent job where you use your personality and expertise to connect executives and business owners together in a leadership role
  • Your professional profile as a thought leader is important to both of us.  We promote our Chairs and their expertise though our substantial marketing efforts.  Many of our Chairs leverage their role to get media exposure in their respective areas of expertise
  • Chair group – we have just over a dozen incredible Chairs that support each other as mentors and buddies, and we have quarterly get-togethers to share best practices and to connect with each other
  • An incredible network of over 500 members in Singapore from which you will make many deep and meaningful relationships
  • An assistant to help you with organising and planning of activities as well as drafting invitations, slides and meeting minutes
  • We are open to both full time and freelance Chairs

About EGN Singapore

If this position looks interesting, please send your CV and application with a cover letter in English to EGN Singapore.  Remuneration is highly dependent on the working arrangement with each Chair and more details will be discussed in the first meeting.

Email (HR): [email protected]
Phone: +65 6932 5069

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