Listen to the latest podcast of Nick Jonsson with Rodrigo Canelas with the episode: Mental health and executive loneliness – the challenges no one talks about.

This episode covers how to overcome burnout, mental health challenges, and suicidal thoughts. These are some of the topics Rodrigo had the opportunity to discuss with Nick Jonsson.

Nick is the Co-Founder of EGN Singapore, the #1 International Best Selling Author with his book “Executive Loneliness,” and an Ironman athlete. During the deep, vulnerable, and powerful conversation, we covered the following topics:

✅ What is executive loneliness, and how big is the problem?
✅ Signs that something is not ok regarding our mental health.
✅ Why do some people feel disconnected from themselves?
✅ How to use vulnerability as a strength?
✅ 5 steps to overcome executive loneliness and mental health challenges?

Listen to the full interview: